Joanne (lena_halo) wrote in ukonly_addme,

Hi :)

My name is Jo and I'm 26 (almost 27 argh!), living in the South West of England (but I'm originally from the Midlands and studied in the North so I feel like quite a well-rounded person ;).

I live with my lovely boyfriend and work in a job I adore (for a skincare company), even though it's stressful and it drives me mental half of the time!

I love animals, books, cinema, TV, the usual things. I'm quite a lazy person and like nothing more than curling up with a book and my LJ :)

I'm just getting back into the habit of writing more and I would love to add some new UK friends to my already-amazing, but limited friends list.

Feel free to add me :)
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Hello! I've added you :)
I'd like to be friends!
Great, added you back :)
Hi, do you mind if I add you?
Hi fancy adding me?
Hi, sure, I'll add you now :)
Mind if I add you? :)
Of course not, I'll add you back :)
Yay! Saw your add and finally got round to adding you back (One of those weekends where time ran away with me, lol...)
Oh I know all about those LOL! Looking forward to reading and commenting :)
Likewise :D Hehe. Anything you're not sure about just ask (I sometimes talk like people have been reading this thing forever when it comes to my studies and illnesses etc so shout up if it doesn't make sense! :))