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Sunday, September 22nd, 2019
1:59 pm - The LiveJournal Revival community


Are you fed-up with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr? Do you wish your old friends who've migrated to those sites would return to LiveJournal? The the_lj_revival community has been set up with that aim in mind, and you are invited to join it. If you are already on LiveJournal and still have a Facebook profile, and would like to see more people returning to LJ or setting up accounts here, we invite you to post a link to this community on your Facebook Timeline. If you would like to find out who is still using LiveJournal and make contact with those who are already here, you are invited to copy and paste the 'about me' questions on the profile page and post them with your answers to the community.

LiveJournal is already getting busier than it's been for many years. Let's see if we can persuade our old friends to return and bump the activity-level up a bit further!

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
11:45 am - Hello!

Originally posted by gooner_shez at Hello!
Originally posted by gooner_shez at Hello!
Wow, where do I start?! I just recently decided to start blogging again, I started one on Wordpress but gave up there. So, I was thinking to myself, why not go back to Livejournal? I have over the years met some cool people, some I still talk to now n again, some who weren't good friends in the end.

I'm back now, under a new name (my old journal, honestly_moi, is still around! So is bitter_female..!)I haven't used LJ for soooooo long!

Anyway, here are the essentials. I'm a 35 year old London born n bred girl, I love music, reading, writing, going cinema (I have a cineworld unlimited card, I'm having a love affair with it right now....it's better than wasting time on fake people!)and going to see my team, Arsenal. I'm looking for people that I can really connect with, people who will read and comment, people who I can be myself with. If I can find that, I guarantee you'll find the same with me. However, I'm not the type of girl to mess around. I hate time wasters and people who pretend to be your friend. Once I get to know you, thats it, you won't be able to get rid, specially if we really connect. And I promise if you're feeling low, I will always try to cheer you up somehow ;)

Ideally I'm looking for people in the UK, preferably London, or elsewhere, but hey if you're on the other side of the pond, let's get to know each other and take over the world! I'm a wannabe writer, so now and again I might throw in a snippet of an idea, and would love genuine thoughts. Nasty ones would definitely get you thrown out, though :p

I work for a well known supermarket, have for 15 years and enjoy it despite the business of my department (Bakery)and the odd judgemental fool. i live at home, don't have any plans to move as I'm comfortable and don't see why I should to please others. If this bothers you, we wont get along. I have a sister who is moving out this year (yeahhhhhhh more space for my growing love of clothes!!)and though I'll be sad to see her go, I'm looking forward to it. Lol.

I drink too much tea and eat too many cakes. But who doesn't, lol.

As you can see, I ramble on.....so add me, don't add me, up to you I guess. Hopefully I'll meet some nice people!

X posted

current mood: cold

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Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
6:23 pm - Searching for friends...

I'm a 27 year old girl from the UK who has been off and on LJ for years and decided to make a new journal as a clean break. I'm recently married, come from a close but crazy and currently expanding family and am luckily (but not-so-happily) employed. I have some ongoing health struggles. Books are my passion but shoes are my weakness. I love to read and shop. I'm also a TV addict, music enthusiast, sometimes gamer, and incredibly clumsy. I have a house full of animals who are my world and I volunteer with animals in various places and ways. I am looking to meet other LJers who share some of my interests (see profile) and/or can relate. I don't mind where people are from, what they do for work/fun, and am happy to be open minded about their opinions if they'll do the same with mine. I love getting to know people from all walks of life but would be particularly happy to meet some fellow LJers close to my back yard (England).

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Friday, March 7th, 2014
6:29 pm - 39 year old Pagan looking for new friends

I've been on LJ for about 10 years. In that time I have made some great friends, but sadly the pull of the dreaded Facebook has been too much for some and they have left their journals dormant. I am now looking for more friends who actively still use LJ.

So a little bit about me. I am a 39 year old Englishman living in SouthWest Scotland. I have two ex-wives under my belt, but each one gave me a child which I love most dearly. My oldest is My daughter Hannah (11) and my youngest is my son Corvin (18 months).
I am now in a new relationship with someone I have cared about for a long time.
I work part time as a cleaner. This allows me to earn just enough money to pay the bills but gives me plenty of free time with my kids (and that is something money can't buy)
I follow a Pagan path which is quite unique to me, I am a bizarre mix, of shaman, druid, hedgewitch and kitchenwitch. In my Pagan practise I am solitary, which I find works well for me. I love attending pagan camps

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
9:22 am - Looking for friends

These communities seem to be very quiet, so I may not be successful. But one can try lol.

I have had several LJ accounts over the years, and I stopped using them. I have decided to come back to LJ as Facebook is different to LJ and I feel the need for LJ now.
I am a very reserved and solitary person, who follows a pagan path. I am in my 40's, but I am young at heart lol. I have older children and love animals. If you want to know more ... ask lol

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Friday, September 27th, 2013
7:58 pm - Hi there!

My name is Sil, I am 32 years old and I am a Dutch girl living in the UK. I was married, but I'm separated at the moment just waiting for the divorce papers to go through. However, instead of being sad about the situation it has actually taught me a lot about who I am and what I want from my life now and I'm a happier person for it.

I am kinda seeing a new guy at the moment, but to say things are complicated is an understatement. Lets say we act as boyfriend and girlfriend but he's not ready to put that label on it, which leads to awkward situations.

I have been on LJ for years, but stopped 4 years ago with posting on my old journal. I figured with a fresh start in my life why not pick up a new lj account? Though at the moment it's still quite empty due to not having added any friends and I'm still trying to post updates that I find important.

Things I talk about: Weight loss, my relationship, day to day activities, my life in the UK, feelings, family and adventures. I generally do not talk about politics or religion as I really do not have and opinion I care to share with anyone, however I accept any and all opinions on my page.

Movies: An american werewolf in London, Insidious, Aliens (all of them), Predator, The Nightmare Before Christmas, anything horror and Sci fi really :)

Television: The big bang theory, Firefly, Buffy, game of thrones, Walking dead, Catfish, How i met your mother, Dr Who

I am:
- A geek and proud of it
- someone who loves to sketch and draw
- a podcaster with a relatively successful podcast
- a gamer (pc and consoles)
- sarcastic and snarky
- a sweet and kind person (so I've been told, but they could just be scared ;) )
- Half Asian, half Dutch
- very open-minded
- in a sick love affair with my iphone and Ipad
- constantly dying my hair in odd colours, right now it's purple and blue
- an owner of a 19 month old boy rat called Mr Spock

Do I sound like someone you could relate to? Add me and I will add you back. I am very accepting off all kinds of personalities as long as your not extremely negative or have a bad attitude.

Hope to see some of you soon in my friends list.

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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
1:28 pm - Greetings from the South. :)


I'm Sari, 26-years-old and live in Surrey (I moved here just under a year ago, to be with my boyfriend. I'm originally from the flatlands of East Anglia). I am extremely shy in person, but LJ allows me to share the 'real' me a little easier. Mostly, I like to keep my journal entries short, upbeat and well illustrated with photos. They are a mixture of friends-locked and public, depending on what I'm writing about. :)

I'm an ancient history nerd (particularly in reference to our own much-invaded island), collector of antique books, horse rider, nature lover and aspiring novelist. My music tastes lie largely in the metal genre, although I have a fairly eclectic collection. I particularly like folk music being where folk music has no right to be (folk metal, folk hip hop...). I like to doodle and can get a bit snap-happy with my little pocket camera.

A few favourites:
Books: The Sea Wolf, Moonfleet, Neverwhere, all Sherlock Holmes stories ... and any Discworld book involving Sam Vimes :P
Music: Wintersun, Eluveitie, Arkona, Turisas, Fox Amoore, Two Steps From Hell, Ensiferum, Winterfylleth
TV: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Jeremy Brett!Sherlock Holmes, Jekyll, Hornblower, Blackadder, Father Ted, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Sharpe
Films: Solomon Kane, Brave, Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon, The 13th Warrior, Hot Fuzz, Stardust, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit

I won't accept adds unless you comment here, first; I want to get to know you, so please only add me if you think we have things in common. I'm not interested in people trying to bump up their amount of friends.

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Sunday, October 28th, 2012
6:52 pm - Friends? I'm officially terrible at these things, so be gentle x_x

26 year old female from the UK returning to LJ after a short absense who gets very awkward when attempting to post in 'Add' communities.

I do however have a recently updated 'Bio' and 'Interests' sections, so, do check those out and add me/drop me a comment if you think I look interesting. Ideally, I'd like to meet people of a not dissimilar age group who share some of my interests, but for the most part am very open minded.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

current mood: optimistic

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
4:52 pm - Good day all

My flist seems to be getting quiet so I'm looking for a few new people to follow. I've been using the site regularly for ages and love reading about other people's lives.

My name's Suzy, I'm a 21 year old graduate, blogger, geek and aspiring journo. When not playing with words, I'm occasionally bar wench (as well as a massive pub geek), pogonophile and lover of books and all things sci-fi and tech. My livejournal is a mixture of my talking about my life, my friends and various adventures and sexcapades.

So... er... yeah :) Comment and add me. :)

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Monday, May 21st, 2012
12:09 pm

Hi, my name's Heather and i'm 29 from Yorkshire. i'm looking for new friends as i have returned to live journal after a few years away and have made a brand new journal. here is a list of things you can expect to find in my journal. I'll always read entries and comment as much as i can. I'm preferably looking for people that are over eighteen but if you're a mature teen or have things in common with me i'll check out your journal :) My journal is a positive place and will have no negative posts.


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Friday, October 14th, 2011
7:57 pm

Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

Add Me ohrimka89

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Monday, August 15th, 2011
6:01 pm - c'est moi, n'est pas?

the dreaded bio post! ah well, let's start typing and see where this ends up ;p

I'm Paul, a web designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been 24 yrs old for the past 7 years, and will be for the foreseeable future ;) having decided that facebook and twitter are no good for the lengthier blogging style ramblings, I'm making a return to LJ. Alas with recent problems the site has been having i find a lot of my friends don't use LJ that much anymore :( So i'm here to see if i can gather a few people for my world dominating experiments, ahem, fun and friendly frolics :D

There is a whole variety of things that i like; Invader Zim, Deathnote, world of warcraft, noodle soup, photography, laughing, and a million other things that are all listed in my bio page i'm sure.
What do i not like? Hmm, why not press some buttons and see if you can find out? lol.

Seen a few people posting on here who look interesting but the posts are a little old so totally unsure if they are still looking for new friends :/ But i like meeting new people on LJ, always up for a chat and a laugh so feel free to come along and add me or give me a poke (nowhere ticklish tho pls). I'm not too bothered about how old people are, but i do have what i call an Adult Filter for anything I need to post of a more adult nature, so all is safe and friendly for those who want it that way, and full of madness and adventure for those who like to fly by the seat of their pants haha.

I will try not to scare you with a photo of myself ;)

el photoCollapse )

so yeah, come along and say hi! Would be a pleasure to meet you all. Whether from the UK or further afield :)

cross posted on a few communities, my apologies!

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Sunday, July 24th, 2011
6:54 pm - Hi :)

My name is Jo and I'm 26 (almost 27 argh!), living in the South West of England (but I'm originally from the Midlands and studied in the North so I feel like quite a well-rounded person ;).

I live with my lovely boyfriend and work in a job I adore (for a skincare company), even though it's stressful and it drives me mental half of the time!

I love animals, books, cinema, TV, the usual things. I'm quite a lazy person and like nothing more than curling up with a book and my LJ :)

I'm just getting back into the habit of writing more and I would love to add some new UK friends to my already-amazing, but limited friends list.

Feel free to add me :)

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
12:09 am - cherchez le moi!

Dicky Crisps

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011
12:18 am - Wahoo

Hey I'm James, from the UK.
Anime addict.
Definite Gaming addict.
Music Lover.
US TV Show obsessive.

Almost definite Nerd/Geek.

I guess I'm looking for friends to connect with, not just someone who never posts or comments. That said I comment/post only when I feel like I have something to say so I can seem to vanish for long hiatus like sessions, Just because I don't post to my journal doesn't mean I never read yours :)

I can be random or funny, sometimes even both which is always fun.
I'm not religious in the least, though I do know some folk who are.

Fun fact: I've been working on this post for hours because I sometimes really lack any sort of motivation.

I do like to post youtube links of things that amuse me but I will mostly hide these behind a cut, not always but mostly.
I will also sometimes post pictures of myself and other cool things (not that I'm saying I'm cool :P)
but these follow the same rules as my youtube posts.

In summary then, I want to meet new people who will actually take an interest in my life and want to be a friend.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to meeting you.

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Saturday, March 5th, 2011
3:59 pm - Friends?


I gave my journal and F-List a New Year's face lift and made some wonderful friends so decided to try this again! :)

* Suze
* 24
* Midlands, UK (Northern at heart)
* Engaged
* Student
* Social Care Employee
* Vagabond
* Recent first time Aunt

I'm a fairly hippy, medical mishap, studying for her MA in the East Midlands. I have a fiance and two kitties who I adore. I also have a major shoe buying habit and <3 The Big Bang Theory, Not Going Out, Hustle, House, Leverage and many others. When I'm well enough and not busy with work and studies I love to write.

I'm an open friendly person who experiences lifes ups and downs the same as anyone else and am looking for other equally friendly and opinionated people to share my journal with, and to read about. If that sounds like you I have a detailed userinfo and extensive interests list for you to check out, and hope to hear from you soon!


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Saturday, January 1st, 2011
12:12 am

* Suze
* 24
* Midlands, UK (Northern at heart)
* Engaged
* Student
* Social Care Employee
* Vagabond
* Recent first time Aunt

I'm a fairly hippy, medical mishap, studying for her MA in the East Midlands. I have a fiance and two kitties who I adore, and adore The Big Bang Theory.  I also have a major shoe buying habit. I decided, seeing as I'm stuck home this evening with a virus, to give my friends list and journal a facelift. My f-list has been so dead recently I'm looking for new folks to help me reconnect with my journal and get me updating and commenting regularly.

I'm an open friendly person who experiences lifes ups and downs the same as anyone else and am looking for other equally friendly and opinionated people to share my journal with, and to read about. If that sounds like you I have a detailed userinfo and extensive interests list for you to check out, and hope to hear from you soon!


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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
11:46 pm

Name is Chilly.

Stuff I like: Penguins, music of varying genres, guinea pigs, cats, technology, money, snow, juicy steak, KFC original recipe, vivid hair colour, Big Ben, the occasional bong, books, warm hats, bad taste jokes, memes, photography, the paranormal.

Stuff I hate: That "Barbra Streisand" song, people who don't have a clue, damp walls and mould, tiny houses, people using my special shampoo as soap.

What I don't want to read: About how you love god (I mean, it's cool and all, but you're dead boring), posts dedicated to your latest knitting creation (unless it's hilarious), anything depressing (your mental health issues/latest suicide attempt are not fun to read about), your to-do list if it's the ONLY thing you post.

What I write about: My daily life, guinea pigs, stuff I want, funny stories about people I used to know, people I obsess over, my husband, things that worry me and things that GREATLY AMUSE ME.

Who should add me? People no younger than 20 and no older than 30. Someone with a good head for gossip. Someone who knows that what I write in my LJ is not necessarily something I would do. Someone who has a random sense of humour and is fun.

some photosCollapse )

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
11:00 pm - Hello :D


My name is Anna, Im 29, from the Midlands and looking for some new LJ friends after my recent return to LJ.

I'm a Student nurse and a mum to two boys age 2 and 4, so uni, work and family take up a lot of my LJ.

I also like photography and am doing a photo a day which is also featured heavily in my journal. I enjoy crafty thinks like sewing and knitting and do lots of cooking and baking so these may feature a bit as well.

So have a look at my user info and interests and if you think we might get on and have something in common add me (comment on my friends only banner to let me know you've added me incase I miss you!). 

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8:02 pm

Hy everybody,

My name is Nataly and I`m based in Moscow, Russia. Don`t drink vodka, don`t have a bear, love caviar though.:)

Being and English learner, I adore your language and interested in culture. This summer I spent 2 weeks in London taking English classes in a language colleage, going sightseeing, feeding curvy squirrels and just having a time of my life. The citizens were very hospitable, smiley and always ready to give a hand - that`s fantastic!

Unfortunately, I do not post anything to my LJ, but if anybody would like to have a chat with me via skype, that would be just great! I`m quite chatty, love the Inbetweeners and a lot of British indie and rock bands. And yes, I would like to make a friend in the UK as I`m learning the British English.

My Skype is talyana4u

I hardly forgot to say, I`m 25 y/o

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