Femaelstrom (femaelstrom) wrote in ukonly_addme,


I gave my journal and F-List a New Year's face lift and made some wonderful friends so decided to try this again! :)

* Suze
* 24
* Midlands, UK (Northern at heart)
* Engaged
* Student
* Social Care Employee
* Vagabond
* Recent first time Aunt

I'm a fairly hippy, medical mishap, studying for her MA in the East Midlands. I have a fiance and two kitties who I adore. I also have a major shoe buying habit and <3 The Big Bang Theory, Not Going Out, Hustle, House, Leverage and many others. When I'm well enough and not busy with work and studies I love to write.

I'm an open friendly person who experiences lifes ups and downs the same as anyone else and am looking for other equally friendly and opinionated people to share my journal with, and to read about. If that sounds like you I have a detailed userinfo and extensive interests list for you to check out, and hope to hear from you soon!

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I'd like to add you, if not just for the fact that your username is a bit awesome.
Add away :) Infact, I shall add you now!

Deleted comment

Added you back yesterday and finally getting chance to say hi :) Hope you're having a great weekend!