astral_requiem (astral_requiem) wrote in ukonly_addme,


Hey I'm James, from the UK.
Anime addict.
Definite Gaming addict.
Music Lover.
US TV Show obsessive.

Almost definite Nerd/Geek.

I guess I'm looking for friends to connect with, not just someone who never posts or comments. That said I comment/post only when I feel like I have something to say so I can seem to vanish for long hiatus like sessions, Just because I don't post to my journal doesn't mean I never read yours :)

I can be random or funny, sometimes even both which is always fun.
I'm not religious in the least, though I do know some folk who are.

Fun fact: I've been working on this post for hours because I sometimes really lack any sort of motivation.

I do like to post youtube links of things that amuse me but I will mostly hide these behind a cut, not always but mostly.
I will also sometimes post pictures of myself and other cool things (not that I'm saying I'm cool :P)
but these follow the same rules as my youtube posts.

In summary then, I want to meet new people who will actually take an interest in my life and want to be a friend.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to meeting you.
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