Paul Savage (lostaddiction) wrote in ukonly_addme,
Paul Savage

c'est moi, n'est pas?

the dreaded bio post! ah well, let's start typing and see where this ends up ;p

I'm Paul, a web designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been 24 yrs old for the past 7 years, and will be for the foreseeable future ;) having decided that facebook and twitter are no good for the lengthier blogging style ramblings, I'm making a return to LJ. Alas with recent problems the site has been having i find a lot of my friends don't use LJ that much anymore :( So i'm here to see if i can gather a few people for my world dominating experiments, ahem, fun and friendly frolics :D

There is a whole variety of things that i like; Invader Zim, Deathnote, world of warcraft, noodle soup, photography, laughing, and a million other things that are all listed in my bio page i'm sure.
What do i not like? Hmm, why not press some buttons and see if you can find out? lol.

Seen a few people posting on here who look interesting but the posts are a little old so totally unsure if they are still looking for new friends :/ But i like meeting new people on LJ, always up for a chat and a laugh so feel free to come along and add me or give me a poke (nowhere ticklish tho pls). I'm not too bothered about how old people are, but i do have what i call an Adult Filter for anything I need to post of a more adult nature, so all is safe and friendly for those who want it that way, and full of madness and adventure for those who like to fly by the seat of their pants haha.

I will try not to scare you with a photo of myself ;)


so yeah, come along and say hi! Would be a pleasure to meet you all. Whether from the UK or further afield :)

cross posted on a few communities, my apologies!
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