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Hi there!

My name is Sil, I am 32 years old and I am a Dutch girl living in the UK. I was married, but I'm separated at the moment just waiting for the divorce papers to go through. However, instead of being sad about the situation it has actually taught me a lot about who I am and what I want from my life now and I'm a happier person for it.

I am kinda seeing a new guy at the moment, but to say things are complicated is an understatement. Lets say we act as boyfriend and girlfriend but he's not ready to put that label on it, which leads to awkward situations.

I have been on LJ for years, but stopped 4 years ago with posting on my old journal. I figured with a fresh start in my life why not pick up a new lj account? Though at the moment it's still quite empty due to not having added any friends and I'm still trying to post updates that I find important.

Things I talk about: Weight loss, my relationship, day to day activities, my life in the UK, feelings, family and adventures. I generally do not talk about politics or religion as I really do not have and opinion I care to share with anyone, however I accept any and all opinions on my page.

Movies: An american werewolf in London, Insidious, Aliens (all of them), Predator, The Nightmare Before Christmas, anything horror and Sci fi really :)

Television: The big bang theory, Firefly, Buffy, game of thrones, Walking dead, Catfish, How i met your mother, Dr Who

I am:
- A geek and proud of it
- someone who loves to sketch and draw
- a podcaster with a relatively successful podcast
- a gamer (pc and consoles)
- sarcastic and snarky
- a sweet and kind person (so I've been told, but they could just be scared ;) )
- Half Asian, half Dutch
- very open-minded
- in a sick love affair with my iphone and Ipad
- constantly dying my hair in odd colours, right now it's purple and blue
- an owner of a 19 month old boy rat called Mr Spock

Do I sound like someone you could relate to? Add me and I will add you back. I am very accepting off all kinds of personalities as long as your not extremely negative or have a bad attitude.

Hope to see some of you soon in my friends list.
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